Friday, October 24, 2008

Becoming a free person at Cowichan

Nepotism does not have a justifiable place in a free and democratic society.

There are many ways to find freedom for yourself and for your family. And, often, freedom and economic sovereignty come together as a package.

Cowichan Tribes Advocacy Services [CTAS: spoken as "see-tas"] is a team of resource people who specialize in matters of indigenous and commercial law education.

We are a division of the Touchstone Committee Law Services CLT, commonly known as TC75; and, which has been successfully advocating law and human rights issues before a wide variety of tribunals and courts since 1975 in Canada, the USA; and, before the United Nations and its International Court of Justice at the Hague.

Our objective is to provide original education to individuals and groups about a fundamental thing in government called the administrative law of quasi-judicial administrative tribunals as judged through the legal eyes of a judicial review process called the rules of natural justice - which simply means "fairness" for all parties to the issue at hand.

Additionally, we find that many times people cannot proceed to challenge some decision made by some authority because they cannot afford to hire a lawyer; or, cannot take time away from work or home duties to prepare an argument for the court or tribunal.

Therefore, CTAS and TC75 in collaboration with Gaia-Watts work with other existing services in your community like Sthuy'shen Telew T-hw : STT: The Honourable Money House : foundation and the Peace and Harmony Trust Financial House to work with you to find ways to help finance the expenses of moving your case issue forward to an acceptable resolution - which hopefully is a simple matter of finding a clear pathway for all parties without resorting to court action.

Two Row Wampum is an associate advocacy group to TC75.

The commercial programs of Gaia-Watts helps us find ways to focus on finding ways to afford your case advocacies - as well as working with you in developing opportunities for education upgrades; how to finance your business ideas or structure growth of an existing commercial enterprise.

STT and the Peace and Harmony Trust are two examples of for-profit humanitarian foundations that have been created by families of the Cowichan Coast Salish people for the purposes of improving the standard of living - or getting beyond poverty and the eternal struggle of finding enough money to send the kids to school or college / university.

So, we invite you to look through our website / blog information links to see if you like what we have historically been doing. And, then decide if you would like to open up a confidential file with one of our people - who is called a Field Officer.

There are no financial obligations for you to speak with us. And, you always retain the right to close the conversation / understanding whenever you wish.

We assign a Confidential Client File Name and Number to your Case Issue. This is never disclosed to third parties; and, our Scholars Team - who works with us in deciding how to move your case issues forward; and, the finer points of law that are specifically related to your matters - only views the case issues; they never become aware of the name of the client.

This service is available to individuals / social groups, clubs, associations and businesses; to adults, elders and children [who must have some adult involved with them at some point before the interview - more on this is explained at a later posting here].

Huych'qu / thank you for thinking about these matters. We hope that you decide to have a confidence in telling us about your problems - whether they relate to your relationship with


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